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Fabulous Living 101

The practical steps in fabulous living includes your mind, body and soul. Let’s revisit the definition of fabulous living. Fabulous living means you exist to have unimaginable and breathtaking life moments within the life you’ve been given. Measured by one’s peace, joy, and ease to be authentically you.

Your mind is the place where your thought life dictates your behavior. Every action begins with a thought, every past circumstance lives in your memory, and every next step can either be hindered or motivated by what you think. Having intentional time to center your thoughts, deal with what you are taking in from others and yourself, in addition to reprogramming previous negative thoughts, is a very important element in transforming your thinking. One way you can do this is through mediation. Each day take time to observe your thoughts and then quiet them.

It’s been said, your body is a temple. A place where you have been given temporary stewardship. Just as daily meditation is important, being healthy, exercising, watching what you eat, and drinking plenty of water is just as important. Commit to healthy living, listen to your body and rest when needed. You only have one body, you should take care of it.

Your soul is the place where your emotions are housed. It’s the place within your heart that can turn the tide of your life. Maintaining healthy relationships and keeping a sound consciousness takes intentional effort, boldness, as well as an opportunity to process your life from a healthy place.

Right now, make the commitment to add meditation, exercise, and a heart check into your daily routine. These three things will put you on the path to living fabulously.

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