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"No More Chains"



I can truly say that there is no greater investment than in yourself. It took me many years and a lot of time spent with life coaches to achieve this idea. Sure, I looked great on the outside. Hair: check. Makeup: check. Designer clothes: check. But on the inside, I was a hot mess. There was a constant void that could never be filled:

“maybe this pair of shoes will make me feel better”

led to “maybe this outfit”

which led to “surely this new car will do the trick.”


None of them worked.


You see I grew up surrounded by negativity that took a toll on my self-esteem. I was told “you’re not good enough,” “you’re not cute enough,” “your head is too big,” and so on. After a while, these lies became my reality. I started to believe that I am not deserving or worthy. I lost sight of what I wanted in life because I was so busy trying to make others happy. This led me to earning a college degree from Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelors in Business/Finance simply because I was told that I couldn’t be successful without one. But one day, I had enough.


I was exhausted. This can’t be life—trying to make everyone else happy while watching my life fly by. And let me tell you ladies something. It’s an impossible task.


I decided that I needed to prove everyone wrong and that I would show the world what I was made of.


Several years later, I started a mortgage company because I had 22 years invested in that industry. I’m doing great, right? I have the dream job and I worked hard for it. But when that industry crashed, so did my business, and my self-worth went right along with them. It was like I was the same little girl all over again. I told myself, “you’re not good enough,” “everyone was right,” “see? why even try?” “you’ll never succeed.” I couldn’t win.


I felt like a failure.


Once I realized that I was mildly depressed, I decided to work with several life coaches and that’s when it finally clicked. I came to realize that the negativity I fed myself and allowed to affect me was a lie. I let it control how I lived my life and what I thought I deserved. You see, there’s no excuse for giving up. We can fail, sure. But we can never give up. So, I made myself work hard and I ditched the limitations I set for myself. I allowed myself the chance to succeed. And you know what? I did.


It felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. The old ideas of constant failure, worthlessness and criticism that hung in the back of my mind were gone. I began to feel freedom and joy. I could now be truly authentic and completely self-expressed. I started laughing more, living more and loving more. For the first time, I met the Real Erica.


This is when the Money Reset Coach was created. I began to realize that resetting money had nothing to do with how much money I had, how many homes I owned, or what kind of car I drove; instead, it had everything to do with the feeling of joy, peace, fun and freedom regardless of what’s going on outside of me. This made me so happy and free that I wanted to share my aha! moment with other women, to teach them how they can, too, be Fabulous. So, I got my certification to become a Life Coach and a Financial Education Instructor and I started a Financial Service Agency so the next ladies in line could become fearless and Fab.


I wrote the anthology No More Chains and Money Management Strategies for Kids, and I’m featured in the film “No More Chains.” I’m also frequently on stage delivering empowering, motivational speeches. But even more, my friends and I are often on street corners passing out toiletries to the homeless or hosting workshops for kids. Giving back is one of the greatest joys in the world. It’s one of the reasons I founded the non-profit organization “Caring Loyal Advocates Supporting Society (Class Inc).”


I no longer allow others to define my success. It’s instead about how many women I can help to identify and achieve their dreams and passions so they can join me and Reset their Money. It’s amazing watching other Fabulous women achieve the transformation I did.  It makes this whole experience worth it and goes to show that we can truly have everything we want.


And maybe keep the shoes.


I would love for you to take this journey with me. I’ll see you at the top.



Love ya girly,

Hey Girly,

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