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Fabulous Living with Erica

As women we sometimes find ourselves in love with the idea of taking care of everyone else that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves, and we miss the moments in life that truly set us up for the fabulous life that were meant to have. Fabulous living isn’t about the magnitude of your bank account, the car you drive or the house you live in, but the fulfillment you receive with what you’ve been given. While for some, living fabulous will include those things; however, it isn’t the measuring stick to a successful fabulous life.

To live fabulously begins with an understanding of the word fabulous. Webster defines fabulous as extraordinary, especially extraordinary, amazingly good and wonderful. A few synonyms for the word fabulous is unthinkable, unimaginable, incredible, unbelievable, mind boggling, beyond one’s wildest dreams and breathtaking.

I want to welcome you on this journey to a fabulous life, where every moment is unimaginable and breathtaking. Where life’s experiences don’t derail you but you make the most out of the one you’ve been given with intentional effort, disciplined focus, and a strong network of women looking for the same thing as you.

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