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Financial/Insurance Consulting

Unlock the potential of your business with bespoke financial strategies that cater specifically to women entrepreneurs. We safeguard your business's future with our specialized insurance and annuity solutions.  Tailored for the unique challenges faced by women in business, our services ensure that both your personal and professional assets are protected.


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Educational Workshops

Empower yourself with knowledge through our comprehensive educational programs.  Our classes, workshops, and seminars are meticulously designed to turn intimidating financial concepts into understandable and actionable knowledge.

Motivational Speaker

If your organization is looking for an energetic, enthusiastic, and empowering speaker.. Erica is your go to person!  Hire Erica Hill today to speak at your next conference, event, meeting, or retreat.


Erica has spoken and facilitated at several organizations, conferences, and retreats.

                                                                                Her track record of success, enthusiasm, and passion for life will surely inspire your team. Ms. Hill always plans to strategically execute and over deliver.

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